Where Flavor Meets Fire!

The Princeton Area’s Hottest
New Culinary Experience

Welcome To BLAZE

BLAZE is more than just a dining experience – it’s a culinary spectacle.

We believe in the transformative power of fire, using it to craft steaks and other dishes cooked, or sometimes smoked, for your dining pleasure… always memorable and mouthwatering. Our menu is as diverse as our clientele with something for everyone from fresh pastas to meats and fish served “El Fuego.”

Our upscale setting seamlessly blends the warmth of a traditional bar and grill, with the sophistication of modern dining, making it the perfect backdrop for both business lunches and casual dinners.

But the BLAZE experience doesn’t end with the food. As the sun sets, our restaurant frequently comes alive with live and unique entertainment, ensuring that your time spent with us is memorable.

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Beyond the Grill: Sip, Savor,
 and Celebrate!

At BLAZE, our passion doesn’t stop at the plate.

Venture over to our bar, where the clink of glasses and the buzz of conversation is as enticing as our culinary aromas. From smoked and handcrafted cocktails to a curated selection of wines and brews, our drinks are mixed with flair and served with a smile.

Whether you’re toasting to a deal, catching up with friends, or simply unwinding after a long day, our bar is the place to be.  At BLAZE, we believe that every sip should be as memorable as every bite.

Cheers to the moments in between!

Special Events

Monday through Friday
from 4pm to 6pm